Mathias Klarlund

Mathias Klarlund (b. 1990) is a danish-born, though Chinese resident guitarist.
Music was always a big part of his life, but when he, at a young age, discovered Robert Fripp and the music of King Crimson, he realized that music was much more than just the notes on the fretboard. This realization caused him to venture into the many different aspects of music – and in 2012 he started classical guitar studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen as classical music was one of the major components of his realization.

Besides his studies of the conservation of old western traditions in music, Mathias was co-founding several ensembles, which all existed with the purpose of taking those traditions in new directions – So in collaboration with the new generation of composers from all around the world, he expanded the repertoire as well as the techniques for the classical guitar.
One of these ensembles, CRAS-ensemble  consisting of six guitars, took the collaborations further and worked exclusively interdisciplinary between the arts of dance, with visual artists, circus artists, poets and many more.

Though Mathias has a strong passion for the classical music, his major field of musical inspiration these days is in the improvisational music. In 2016 he formed the danish emo-witch-jazz-noise-impro band called sæNk  which practices almost ceremonial improvising-sessions with different musicians and for different events, ranging from political-demonstrations to art-vernissages. The project of sæNk dwells upon how the idea, that by gathering people with different backgrounds you create something very unique together.

During a concert in 2017, sæNk invited Indonesian experimental musician, Ikbal Lubys, on stage with them – and this formed a musical friendship which is now about evolve, as Mathias has become artist in resident at Echnictro. During his residence he will explore how his multifaceted background can give and gain in the much different music scene of Indonesia, while also working with the his most recent field of interest, neuroscience. As of august 2018, Mathias has been living in Beijing, China, where he works to achieve an additional degree in the study of neuroscience, with which he wants to combine with the music. This interdisciplinary field will be a major part of his project-work during his residence at Echnictro.<br>So in short – During Mathias’ artistic residency at Ethnictro, he will focus on gathering all the influences from his past together to one solo project, and to try out different concepts and ideas in the great experimental scene of Indonesia.

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