August-September 2018

M. Haryo Hutomo

Graduated Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Faculty Language and Art, Majoring Visual Art Education, State University of Jakarta – Indonesia. Mohamad Haryo Hutomo born in Jakarta, 1990. Artist from Jakarta, currently lives and works in two cities, Jakarta and Jogjakarta. Graduated from majoring Visual Art Education (B.Ed), State University of Jakarta, Indonesia. 

He is a multidisciplinary artist, he uses drawing as a medium of personal records, also often uses photograph, installations, videos, and performance art, even collaboration with the local communities to create an “event”. He always interested in the issues of everyday life, destroying boundaries between the west and the east, and always playing memory through art. For him, art must be have a different perspective on an issues, from here the artist must be careful when doing research and needed a method that is not monotonous.

Haryo was selected for artist residency from the program of Nandur Srawung # 5 DIWO. The artist present the work at Ethnictro and the final presentation at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

Srawung Moro 

This Program is a part of Nandur Srawung # 5 program 2018, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. The program invited and selected groups from outside of Yogyakarta to meet and work together in 9 collective spaces in Yogyakarta Special Region including Ethnictro.Public can come to see the work process or even share and be directly involved.

Curatorial Team: 
Rain Rosidi \\ Sujud Dartanto \\ Irene Agrivina \\ Arsita Pinandita \\ Farid Stevy Asta _

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