Ethnictro Production 2018


The second experimental solo album

The album is a sequel of the first solo album ECONOCLASTICELECTRIC, the development of the possibility of making the sound of the guitar in the same concept by using a special tuning. The twisted tuning brings more percussive sound and record in 1 track without using a looper pedals.

This is the real solo guitar performance as a classical guitar repertoire in solo format, because all the track in this album are only used one instrument which is acoustic guitar, without using any amplification or electronic devices and recorded directly in one track with built in microphone from macbook pro. This album combines the concept of prepared guitar and foley art, trying to present very high sound waves or low frequencies, percussion sounds, industrial, and noise. The sound without using electrically applied instrument, It’s absolutely total acoustic!



1. Friction (acoustic guitar & chainsaw)
These saws are used to induce friction on the twisted acoustic guitar tuning that produces hard sharp cuts and high frequency sounds.

2. Tung Tak Tung Dung (twisted tuning acoustic guitar & scooter seat)
Kind of prepared guitar style, by attaching the scooter seat on the body of the acoustic guitar as a resonator that captures the vibration spring in the scooter seat and is played with kotek’an rythm patern then resulting sounds like Tung Tak Tung Dung.

3. Mbenging (acoustic guitar, scooter seat & violin bow)
Designation for high-frequency peak or microphonic feedback, resulting from friction violin bow for the spring that are vibrated to the strings and the body of the guitar as resonators.

4. Kemreces (acoustic guitar & hi hat cymbals)
It’s a metaphor or depiction of the sound which resulting from a collision between the hi-hat and strings of the guitar which in my interpreation I describe the sound as kemreces.

5. Archaic Rythm (twisted tuning acoustic guitar)
So many rythm paterns arround the world, so really excited to apply them to the guitar. Basically the guitar is a melodic music instrument, slightly changed its nature into percussive instrument by applying twisted tuning system and archaic rythm patern become the chosen rythmic pattern.

6. Morse Code (twisted tuning acoustic guitar & screw driver)
I just adjusting the title to the sound from rolling of the screw driver handle over the strings of the guitar, it create a slight sound reminiscent of the sound of morse code.

7. Underpressure (acoustic guitar ,duct tape & water pressure)
It’s a kind of applying foley art technique, make some electronic harsh noise sound, by spraying water from high pressure faucets to strings, guitar body and duct tape attached to the guitar with irregular, then it’s recorded like electronic harsh noise sound.

8. Trio Fortisimo (twisted acoustic guitar, drumset & variable object)
This track just random pieces by randomly cutting the track as well from the trio project between Ikbal Lubys, Romberto Algozalie aka Obet & Daniel caesar aka D’Caesar King from Setabuhan.

All the track twisted by tuning acoustic guitar and several object, scooter seat, saw, spring, screw driver and water pressure.

Composed & recorded by Ikbal Lubys
Produced & published by Ethnictro
Design by Aii Wijaya
Made in Lokananta

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