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Ethnictro in collaboration with Goethe Institute Indonesia,  Institut Francais d’Indonésie (IFI) dan Studio Plesungan kindly invite you participate to the “The Interest Are At Stake” projects. Initiate by duo artist/film-maker/composer & sound artist , Timo Kreuser (DE) & Guillaume Cailleau (FR) will held a workshop for everyone whom working or interested in the field of music, arts, film and performance — curious about an experimental approach to sound and image and the combination of those two. Following their own practive Kreuser/Caileau will introduce their method of working as place of destination for the participants to create their own performance and works.

Since 4 years the duo has been creating a dense body of works refining his precise audiovisual performance concert after concert. They have been performing regularly in various venues in Berlin, (Heimathafen, Ausland (Biegungen), etc) and internationally (Copenhagen (Figura Festpiele), Paris (scratch expanded), etc.)

The workshop is limited to practical 10 participants, observers are welcome. Single participants are invited to bring as much of their own equipment as possible, that they would like to present or work with, even though they have no clear idea yet what to do with it.

KREUSER/CAILLEAU is a duo project of the the german composer Timo Kreuser and the french filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau. Their fetish is approaching objects as container of signifying function, generalized meaning and sociocultural contexts. By ignoring the primary features of things, and instead focusing on the potential of the object itself as sonic and visual stimulator, meaning gets moulded into new contexts and the original understanding of it is violated. Their interest in creating installations and live events is a continuation of the dialog between the two artists and their individual confrontations with the corporealities of their subjects. Since 4 years the duo has been creating a dense body of works refining his precise audiovisual performances concert after concert. They have been performing regularly in various venues in Berlin, (Heimathafen, Ausland (Biegungen), etc.) and Internationally (Copenhagen (Figura Festspiele), Paris ( scratch Expanded), etc.). Next to their Duo constellation, Cailleau and Kreuser collaborate regularly in projects by the contemporary and experimental vocal music ensemble Phoenix 16. The latest example being the „Zeitgeist“ concert for this year festival Maerzmusik.

Timo Kreuser composer, conductor and sound artist, studied at the music universities of Munich, Dresden and Berlin. His works cite elements of industrial music, punk provocation and avantgarde electronics and are often composed commentaries on modern society and political phenomena (the regime, the collective momentum, the individual), as well as on the music and culture industries. Timo is an active member of the Berlin improv scene and performs regularly as an experimental pianist, inside piano, or with an experimental turntable setup in various formations: duos and bands including NoiserKroiser, KREUSER/CAILLEAU, Christoph Guiraud feat. Timo Kreuser, S.A.F.T., Houligé Hobster & The Amazing Fire Ants, and as a soloist. Most of his works include his instrumental performance with ensembles such as POING !, S.A.F.T., FIGURA, PHØNIX16, KALEIDOSKOP, etc., at festivals such as ULTIMA, WUNDERGRUND CPH, KLANG Festival, AFEKT. Timo Kreuser is Artistic Director of the singer-collective PHØNIX16 and is a co-curator of it’s sixteen-part concert series POPPEN / ARBEITEN / ERSCHRECKEN / SHOPPEN in Heimathafen Neukölln since 2016 ,and the infinite series D.O.A. at silent green, Berlin.

Guillaume Cailleau is a French artist and filmmaker, he studied at the Berlin University of the Arts. He also worked as a cinema projectionist in Paris and Berlin. In 2007 Cailleau shot his first short film Blitzkrieg, which premiered at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Other films followed, such as Through, a reference to Michael Snow’s installation Windowed Water (2007), the manually processed H(I)J (2009), and Austerity Measures (2012), a collaboration with Ben Russell shot in Athens. In February 2014 Cailleau was awarded a Silver Bear for his short film Laborat at the Berlin Film Festival. Cailleau developed numerous audiovisual performances, for instance with the experimental sound artist Werner Dafeldecker and the composer Timo Kreuser, which were featured at international venues such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival (2014), Scratch Expanded Paris (2013) and COLOR SOUND FRAMES (2015) at Serralves Museum in Portugal. Cailleau often foregrounds the creative process in his poetic compositions. His work is influenced by the American avant-garde and performative practices in Expanded Cinema. Experimenting with duration, multiple exposures, color separation and manually treated single images, in addition to other methods of image editing, the forms of his works relate directly to their subjects.

Please submit your portfolio & motivation letter to join this workshop before 26th of January. Selected participant will be informed and joining the workshop from 2nd of February till 5th of January in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Please send your portfolio & application to:

Further information please contact:
Ignatia Nilu
+62 8222 7173094


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