Aplication process

At least one months ahead of time if the desired timeframe is available

A selection of your latest projects 

There is no fixed list of specialists or partners. Since the residencies are not custom made we are trying to facilitate every single artist or group as good as possible for their projects. Our network are from people and institutions in the artistic field, in the academic world, to specialists with every day skills. We advise you to write in your application in what way we could support your project to adapt your application to the specialists or partners mentioned.

No. You can describe the specific research question you have and the kind of specialist you would like to collaborate with, and we will propose you some people.

You can send in several proposals, but we will only selected one because we are not be able to invite you for all of them.

Professional contacts that know you and your work well. Yes, they should be available to be contacted by us.
Preferably in English or Indonesian
This is upon you to decide. Important is that we have a good idea of your background and enough information to be able to contextualize your application for Ethnictro.

You will be contacted by Ethnictro by email one week after you send the application.

Support offered

Yes, we will send you an official invitation letter and help with all other necessary documents required.

We provides you with a network of artists or art scenes, experts, curators etc, helps you develop your project by providing contacts with authorities and locals, and introduction to the local art and cultural scene of Yogyakarta. Our program director can also offer her support and advice on administrative and financial matters and help in finding co-production partners.

There is basic office material like paper, pens, markers, tape, printer in the office that can be used by the residents.

We have a studio with an instruments, reherseal room and a small workshop with basic tools.

General questions

No, unfortunately we cannot host artists with children or partner. As we are a tiny space, small staff and have modest resources we are not able to provide child care or baby-sitting. What’s more, the house is not adapted towards children, there are no separate apartments (except by request of paid residency) 

It is so unfortunate, the house is not wheelchair-accessible, because too small to making any refurbishments.

Besides the proposed formats, we wishes to organize of other projects in the future as well, and is open to other forms and suggestions. For any questions or requests, other ideas, formats, or questions, please contact us at:

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