September-November 2019

Jonas Engel

Active as an improviser and composer in the young European creative music scene. His works and projects are moving between acoustic noise music (Solo, Our Hearts As Thieves) electronic progressive music (Engel/Wildeisen/Høi) and creative improjazz (OWN YOUR BONES, Just Another Foundry).

He is based in Copenhagen and Cologne where he is next to his own bands active as sideman and coleader in several projects, defining the local music scene. After touring North and South America, most countries of Europe and the Near East, China, Vietnam and South Korea, it will be his first time travelling through Indonesia to confront his music with the influences of the Indonesian experimental and noise music scene.

Creation of acoustic noise and sonority on wind instruments that gets its influence from electronic sounds through the development of techniques, instrument-alterations and eventually the electrification of those instruments.

During his residency at Ethnictro in Yogyakarta Jonas will present his work on his sound research in acoustic noise, focusing on extended techniques and preparations that he developed in his solo project but also in joint work with other musicians who create sound in untypical ways. These outcomes are presented in improvised but also composed material that approaches Indonesian sound artists and will undergo further development in collaborations with local instrument builders. He will examine the Indonesian experimental scene and how electronics are implemented and confront those distinct sounds with his own electronic setup.



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