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MUFING #7Pemutaran dan diskusi Film Dokumenter Musik KATARSIS (2019)Sebuah film dokumenter tentang Ikbal Lubys @ikballubys seorang seniman, musisi dan sound artist, yang saat ini berbasis di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Film ini digarap oleh War Production (mahasiswa Broadcsting UMY 2016) @umyogya di mata kuliah Produksi Film Dokumenter. Film ini ditulis dan disutradarai oleh Aufa Rohadatul ‘Aisyi […]


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SWARAPUAN Presentation from Swarapuan Fellow WorkshopA project by Nusasonic Residence Artist:Jessica Ekomane and Nadah El Shazly. At the end of their residency, they’ve been working with 12 Female artist, musician & electronics enthusiasts from Yogyakarta and gathered in abelton & max/msp workshop to made a composition, song & visual works. BIO Jessica Ekomane is a sound […]


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MUFING #6Total Perkusi: Pikul, Pukul, Berbunyi (2016) Film dokumenter pendek produksi Rekam Bergerak dalam memotret kegiatan Komunitas Total Perkusi saat produksi proyek “Drums Speak”. Produser: Bayu Prasetyo, Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto, H.J. Endra J., Wisnu A. DjawanaiPara pengrajin: H.J. Endra J. & Wisnu A. DjawanaiIlustrasi musik: “Awi Kosrek” (Tony Maryana) ETHNICTROJl. Nogosari no.8 Kadipaten, Kraton, YogyakartaSabtu, 31 Agustus 2019Jam 19.00 […]

Ableton Live Workshop

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Ableton Live Workshop for Women Nadah El Shazly YNK ?38Nusasonic Artist-In-Residence Ableton Live Workshop for Womenwith Nadah El Shazly In this two day introductory workshop Nadah will cover the basics of sound, audio/midi difference, audio recording, audio effects, midi instruments, and mixing. You need to bring your laptop preferably with Ableton Live installed and a […]

Composer / Performer / Builder

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Composer/Performer/Builder An electronic music discoursive night Since the 1980s the musician and composer Elisabeth Schimana has been active as one of the Austrian female pioneers of electronic music with projects marked by a radical approach and equally unconventional aesthetics. After completing vocal training, she earned degrees in composition, computer music, musicology, and ethnology. She has […]

Kreuser & Cailleau

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January-February 2020 Kreuser & Cailleau A duo project of the the german composer Timo Kreuser and the french filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau. Their fetish is approaching objects as container of signifying function, generalized meaning and sociocultural contexts. By ignoring the primary features of things, and instead focusing on the potential of the object itself as sonic […]

Jonas Engel

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September-November 2019 Jonas Engel Active as an improviser and composer in the young European creative music scene. His works and projects are moving between acoustic noise music (Solo, Our Hearts As Thieves) electronic progressive music (Engel/Wildeisen/Høi) and creative improjazz (OWN YOUR BONES, Just Another Foundry). He is based in Copenhagen and Cologne where he is […]

Nadah El Shazly

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July-September 2019 Nadah El Shazly A singer and composer living and working in Cairo. She released her critically acclaimed debut album AHWAR in Nov 2017. Backing up her release with extensive worldwide touring through a solo set and a four-piece band, El Shazly has been featured in local and international festivals including Le Guess Who?, […]