Artist in Residency

Our artist-in-residence program is intended to be a mutually-beneficial arrangement where artists have the chance to explore their works and our students have access to a working artist. We also facilitates exchange and collaboration in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The program can be in the form of workshop, exhibition, performance, creation of works, research, public artist talk, etc.


  • To provide artists with the time, space and assistantship for exploration of innovative ideas or the intervention with another practicioner and / or the community through the production of a project.
  • To promote the artistic and cultural exchange as a platform for generating new ideas and to allow artists to take risks, giving them an opportunity to engage in a lively dialogue with other artists, curators, art institutions as well as within the city of Yogyakarta, one of the Indonesia’s major arts and cultural cities.
We are an independent institution. Currently, it does not have financial resources to sponsor the residencies. There is no registration fee, we are offering three types of residencies:
  1. Paid residency: the fee should be paid by the artist or sponsors in their countries of origin.
  2. Free residency: for emerging artists with 2 recommendation letter, one from their countries and one from Indonesia.
  3. Exchange residency: this format must be applied by an international institution.

Besides the studio, workshop and the work space, we also offer an option to take part in a live classroom activities. You’ll be able to use all the facilities and equipment. There are also a variety of workshops and community outreach events conducted throughout the year.

Residents gain experience teaching a diverse and eager group of students and enjoy the inclusive atmosphere of a creative, tight‐knit local arts community. Artists are expected to answer questions about programs and classes offered, creating workshops, and assisting others in conducting workshops. Residents should be self‐directed and able to engage students in a positive and professional manner.

Besides the proposed formats, we wishes to organise other projects in the future as well, and is open to other forms and suggestions. For any questions or request, other ideas, formats, or questions, please contact us at:  


Nationality / ages / gender
There are no restrictions According to gender, age or nationality. We welcomes any ages of established national and international artists, as well as emerging artists from all disciplines coming from the sound Arts.

Residencies are offered in the areas of sound art and music for a sound artist, musician, and educator. In additional media are offered on an as-requested basis.

induvidual, collaborative, and group max.2

The program offers both live-in and non-live-in residencies for contracts lasting 1 and 3 months. Extensions are possible but must span the entire time frame in session.

Working languages
English and Indonesian

Fees and supports
We Provides you with an accommodation, airport pick up, bicycles, assistance, curatorial, translations (English-Indonesian and vs). Moreover, the program organizes workshops, public talks, open studio visits, personal or group exhibitions for its residents free of charge. Other aid and assistance is also possible on demand.
Artists are responsible for their own travels to and from Ethnictro, per diem, visa expenses, insurance, and materials expenses.

No later than 3 months before the starting date of your residency.


A small building with some small spaces we provide:
  • Wifi Connection
  • Office
  • Studio & classes
  • Workshop & Work space
  • bicycle
  • Kitchen
  • Shared bathroom and toilet
  • Private/shared bedroom

How to apply:

Applicants are expected to submit:

  • Recent CV/resume
  • Portfolio / documentation
  • Project proposal including time frame of the residency
  • Motivation letter for applying and expectations of the residency
  • For videos or audio, please provide links to your own website, YouTube page, etc. Do not attach video or audio files.
  • For questions please read the FAQ section.

all in one pdf file (max 10 MB) send it to:

with the format file name:

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